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Nombre de visites: 400 visiteurs

Editeur: Mozilla Foundation

Configuration minimale: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Licence: Logiciel libre

Date d’Ajout: 17 Mai 2018

Taille: 18.63 Mo

Téléchargements: Total: 88

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the World’s most popular web browsers and was one of the first to break the stranglehold of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) on the web browsing market.
This is the latest version of the popular web browser and as always, Mozilla claim to a speedier, safer browsing experience. Tests reveal that this newest version of Mozilla Firefox is certainly quick to load even the most graphics intense pages.

Firefox also now features secure connections when performing Google searches to improve privacy and there’s an updated site identity indicator in the URL bar. There’s only one relevant improvement in the latest version of Firefox for most users relating to security. Security has been improved with mixed content blocking which protects users from “man-in-the-middle attacks” and from eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages. There are also several bug fixes.

Mozilla Firefox’s tab layout is quite similar to Google’s Chrome browser, instead of seeing a blank page whenever a new tab is opened Firefox users will now be treated to icons that offer quick access to everything from bookmarks to most recently accessed and most frequently visited sites.

These icons are fully customizable in Mozilla Firefox as well. You can click and drag them to any spot you like on your name tab’s page. If you’re not a fan, you can also go to the grid icon on the upper right side of your browser and erase them entirely.

Firefox features Facebook integration. Firefox supports Facebook’s social API so you can have dedicated buttons for Facebook in your browser. Mozilla Firefox supports Facebook’s Messenger within Firefox, giving users desktop notifications as well as a persistent friends list and activity feed on the right. Conversations will open up as overlays on top of whatever website you’re on so you can multitask while you chat.

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